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Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.

― Khalil Gibran, Xian zhi

:: This amulet is a Hamsa ::


Though this is a modern version of the ancient symbol from Mesopatamia, it too, offers blessings to whomever sees it.

Two blue birds of happiness rest in the lush flowering branches

of a flurishing tree. Its tangled roots reach into the earth for strength, stability and a firm foundation in which to be nourished, grow and thrive. The Eye of Venus ever watches over those who come near. May my website, like the images painted upon this hamsa, offer sanctuary to you; a place of beauty, respite and joy whenever you visit. I do hope you will return often! 


Grace, Empowerment & Blessings 

to all who honor and love The Gypsy Priestess.


May this site be a sanctuary for your beautiful spirit.

May it inspire, enlighten and encourage you.

May it bless you with love, happiness and health.

May it empower you to live as a flesh and blood goddess.

May it grace your life with creativity, peace and generosity.

May you always see the Goddess within yourself.





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