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You are the temple.
Self Love is your practice.
Rebirth is the gift of Goddess.

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The Goddess teaches us
that every ending
is also a beginning.
May there be rebirth...

— Cate Tiernan

Birthing Dreams

Goddess Self Love Rebirth Sadhana is a daily spiritual practice of contemplation by which to focus love upon your body, mind and spirit in sacred unity with the Divine - for your ultimate health, joy, nourishment, renewal and highest good. Each day brings another opportunity to care for your self in practical, magickal and spiritual ways.

Are you ready to be pampered, inspired and deeply cared for? Are you ready to let die the old version of yourself that no longer aligns with your soul self and your most heartfelt dreams? Do you long to be truly nurtured? Do you seek more meaningful expressions of self love? Are you ready to give birth to your authentic self and the dreams you have for yourself and your life? 

Each day is an invitation to show up for yourself by honoring your intuition, trusting the journey of your own unique path of beauty, and fully loving yourself on every level. You are so worthy of receiving your own true love.

Receive the gift of self worth


Self Love Goddess

This Sadhana is dedicated to REBIRTH.

Goddess is present with us during the 49 days of this transformative Sadhana as mother, midwife, wise woman and spirit guide. She lovingly encourages us to take the necessary steps to care for ourselves, embrace change and make space for what we are bringing into the world.

The act of creating space for self care, pleasure and possibility builds a fire in our belly! Sadhana is the doula offering gentle support, comfort, deep nourishment and encouragement to our most authentic version of self. Goddess is the midwife tending to our needs, monitoring our progress and helping to birth our authentic soul self and our precious dreams.

Receive the gift of nurturing


You are enough.
A thousand times enough.


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Image by Robert Katzki
When you recover
or discover something
that nourishes your soul
and brings joy,
care enough about yourself
to make room for it in your life.

— Jean Shinoda Bolen

Rebirth Sadhana

Beginning on Imbolc and lasting through the Spring Equinox this 49 day sadhana is my love offering to you. 


1 February 2022 - 21 March 2022

What & Why:

A daily self-paced practice of spiritual awareness for the nurturing, self-love purpose of REBIRTH.


Online, in the comfort of wherever you are. View on my website, on

The Gypsy Priestess Facebook page, &/or in your own email inbox.

How much:

It's FREE to follow along here on my website. Yet, your token of affection for The Gypsy Priestess in the form of a Love Offering (any amount, or any other loving energy exchange) entitles you to receive my Goddess Self Love Rebirth Guidebook.. Visit my Facebook page and participate in our private Facebook sisterhood group where you can receive more inspiration and additional guidance.



To ensure that your request is honored, please provide your email address and your Facebook profile name (if different than the one used at time of donation), add a note stating your donation is dedicated to: self-love/rebirth or Sadhana. Guidebooks will be sent 1-2 days before sadhana begins; 1 February 2022. 

Receive the gift of rebirth

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