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kwan yin blessings

We approach Kwan Yin as who we are.

We welcome her into our real, everyday lives.

We open ourselves to her as our individual minds and hearts can understand her.

This is how it has always been with Kwan Yin.

She offers her myriad forms to us

and promises only as much as we are open to receive in and from ourselves.

She enters and becomes us.

We enter and become her.

— Sandy Boucher —

as compassionate wisdom speaks

to your beautiful heart and soul.


Kwan Yin speaks and shares her wisdom through this unique i-ching consultation, She asks only that you listen with an open heart and mind, as doing so, you will hear your own authentic inner voice of truth. While sitting in the quiet, deeply meditative center of your energetic yin essence, she reveals herself to you in ways you may never have experienced before. As the goddess who hears the cries of the entire world, She knows you intrinsically, and with divine mercy, lovingly watches over you, gently guiding your heart to its own wisdom. This personal, one-of-a-kind divination reading will lead you within where the source of all your inner knowing dwells. Simply ask a question and know that the answer waits.

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Receive your unique Goddess Kwan Yin I Ching Divination Reading for a love offering of any amount.

My gift of gratitude for you!

Can you feel the energy shifting?

Something new wants to come forth and be birthed in your consciousness, in your heart, in your life. That which you have long dreamed of... prepared for... awaits.

Energetically, it is time to leave every dull, outgrown, unfulfilling and restrictive comfort zone. This is not the time to leave anything to 'chance'. Secretly, you know to do so only further hinders and stunts your growth and progress...

If you feel stressed, disconnected, sad, frustrated, uncertain, anxious or stuck, take it as a divine sign: It's time!

Time to gain clarity. Time to honor the yin and listen to the divine feminine voice of wisdom. Time to allow Her wise, gentle guidance to give your life soulful direction and purpose. It's time to restore balance. It's time to open, to receive, and to be consciously aware. It's time to reclaim power, embrace wholeness.

Can you feel it?

You're on the verge of manifesting a needed change! And, with this needful change - something magickal, healing, uplifting and precious.

Diane Stein said: "Women approach knowledge directly through Kwan Yin, while men make their inquiries through her Priestess". Perhaps, this is because all women are Priestess born. We naturally embody the Goddess. We hold wisdom in our bodies. We have an innate power to "know"... We know what is good and true, and what is not. We sense when and what needs to be released. We feel every nuance of the ever-unfolding seasons of life. We allow change its sacred cycles and honor its deep wisdom.

Even though, collectively, our vital power has long been hidden, it can never be destroyed or taken from us... The constant flowing source of our wise woman ways is accessible to us whenever we need it — for healing, discernment, liberation or empowerment.

Long ago, the Patriarchy set out to remove the Goddess and the female principle from traditional versions of the I Ching (not knowing how foolish and futile this was. The male dominated overpowering influences only weakened and obscured the fullness of its wisdom and power, it did not silence Her). What was meant to deter women from using and consulting this ancient Divine Oracle, forced us to 'become' the oracle. We learned to listen deeply and trust Her voice within ourselves. And, with every generation, She continues to grow stronger within us, within our daughters.

The Goddess I Ching Divination Reading is for you if you are ready for a miraculous change, a profound awakening of your inner Priestess, a re-emergence of your your inner knowing.

As a Priestess who practices daily ritual divination, I am honored to help restore balance by offering a way of remembering the power of yin and of reweaving your own creative life force essence. Yet, I do not deny you your own inner knowing. Though I consult the Goddess of the I Ching on your behalf, what is shared allows you to recognize Kwan Yin within yourself - so you may rebirth and reclaim Her wisdom as your own. The messages given via your one-of-a-kind Goddess I Ching reading are meant to be meditated upon, thereby allowing the in-depth meanings unfold and for you to discover the personal messages they hold for you alone.

Ask a single 'yes' or 'no' question, or ask for analysis of a situation.

When I embody Kwan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, and consult the ancient wisdom of the Goddess I Ching, Her divine understanding of your experiences, feelings and situation (in relation to your inquiry) is revealed, not mine. It is She who guides my hand while tossing the coins, (thereby determining the two hexagrams given for your soulful contemplation) and while choosing your card from the Motherpeace Tarot (which offers shamanic insight and healing, uncovering hidden aspect of truth that you uniquely hold). Your reading also includes a Moon Deck card to provide practical self-love and self-care suggestions to further help align and unify your body, heart, mind and soul with your sacred intentions.

Your unique reading will be unlike any you may have experienced before, as these three elements weave together to form an intriguing, insightful and evocative message. Though I consult the Goddess of the I Ching on your behalf, what is shared encourages you to hear Kwan Yin within your own inner being which invites you to rebirth your inner Priestess so you may reclaim Her wisdom and merge it with your own inner knowing in ways you cannot yet envision.

Because I hold such deep gratitude for all who follow and faithfully support The Gypsy Priestess, I am offering this unique mystic reading throughout the remainder of November for a love offering of any amount! (Available for $150.00 via my website through 2023).

To receive this special, time-limited offer, please send your love offering in the AMOUNT YOU CHOOSE to:


The Gypsy Priestess

email address:







Please Note:

Your personalized 6 - 8 page pdf Goddess Kwan Yin I-Ching Divination Reading will arrive in your email inbox within 1-7 days (depending on how many readings proceed yours). I will notify you if I foresee a delay.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you. I'm truly so honored and excited to read for you!! May it be a blessing that continues to give..


Leesa | The Gypsy Priestess

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