Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning 'circle'.

Circles, spiritually and ritualistically, symbolize the energy of woman and life. 

As ancient symbols of wisdom, mandalas represent wholeness and completion. 


is honored by many religions and cultures around the world. 

It is the oldest mandala known, and shares deep wisdom

if we are willing to delve within and seek its truth.


Within the boundary of a mandala, all the magick and mystery of the entire universe is contained! Imagine... by creating art within this sacred circle where the source of all life and creativity dwell; we are able to tap into the hidden realms of our own deep essence, in ways

we might not, otherwise. This is truly profound, if you think about it...


As we create art, we naturally enter into a meditative state:

our bodies relax, our thoughts become calm. From this space 

of inner serenity, our psyche and spirit are able to access our

truth, and manifest it physically. Often, what comes forth is our

own secret soul language, which is deeply symbolic in nature.


The Gypsy Priestess is naturally fluent in the secret language

of soul. Deciphering and decoding the symbolic wisdom hidden

within the placement of a circle, was an art she learned long ago 

from one of her spiritual teachers. As she expanded on this

teaching, she discovered mandala art to be a powerful oracle tool.

She invites you to explore your own symbolic soul language,

by creating your own theraputic art mandala.


Sacred Mandala Readings reveal and integrate your hidden wisdom

by bringing it into awareness and unity on every level.


Create Your Sacred Mandala


Gather Desired Materials -


Depending on your personal style and need for expression, you have an unlimited variety of materials to utilize; from the most basic to ornately elborate! They may include: 

pencil, pens, coloured pencils, crayons, paints, yarn, glitter, collage images, fabric, ribbon, found art, photographs, dried flowers, etc. You may choose to create a tangible mandala by downloading a free pdf copy of the Flower Mandala* 

(at left), or you may wish to create a cyber space version, online. Choose what feels best for you. 


*click on the Flower Mandala to download a copy.


Prepare your Creative Work Space -


Choose the location where you will feel most comfortable creating your sacred mandala. Whether outdoors or inside, choose a quiet space so that your creative juices can freely flow, undisturbed by distractions. 


Create your Sacred Goddess Flower Mandala -


​Whether you wish to put some thought into what you want to create, or would rather just begin and allow yourself the freedom to flow with the moment, please be patient, open and nonjudgmental. On the left you will see an example of one of my first mandalas. I show it to you so that you will know that one does not need to be an artist to create a mandala. Whether you desire to make a symmetrical, traditional, or an expressive mandala, allow your unique creativity free reign. Remember: This should be an act of 

playfulness and passion. Have fun!


How to Submit

Your Sacred Mandala

for a Reading:


First, purchase & download.

Completed your mandala art work. Take a photograph or scan it. 


Then, email to:


              Infinite Blessings