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Secret fears of fading beauty, poetic shadows, and hidden Lunar mysteries await you in this hour long ritual of embracing the dark feminine.

We'll be lighting fires and casting out old paradigms in order to change 

our perspective, align with the wholeness of our femininity, arouse our soulful unfolding and deepen our truth during the hour of Venus on the day most associated with youth, renewal and new beginnings: The Vernal Equinox.

















In the comfort of your own home.



Via your phone



Monthly - On the evening of the dark (new) moon


New Moon Ritual at 8:00pm - 9:00pm MDT




New Moon Ritual Call Outline:




Opening Ceremony

Holding Sacred Space for All Women Present on Call



A Guided Meditation

Dedicated to the Sacred Practice of Embracing Our Wholeness

Honoring our Changes - Hidden and Seen



Guided New Moon Ritual



Closing Ceremony

Prayers for All Women Past, Present & Future



Moon Sistar Chat

After the new moon ritual, women who wish to remain in circle

to share, to express, to be embraced and loved, may.



Embracing the Dark Aspects of the Feminine for Wholeness.


This event is our love offering to you!

Promise to always love yourself.

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Thank you for your generous love offering.

10% of all love offerings will be donated to Woman for Women International


This is a SheWhoIs & The Gypsy Priestess Event

All Rights Reserved 2015

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