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Gypsy Priestess Wisdom

"The Goddess heals us when we embrace our own precious soul and express our authentic essence with confidence and love."

~ Leesa Wilson


The Goddess is the divine essence and energy of Love; and love heals. When we embrace who we are on deep, core levels, with pure love, it heals the areas where we have been wounded, where we have been held in bondage by misguided thoughts and past fears, where we are fragmented due to the aspects of our self and our life that we have labeled as unworthy or unacceptable, and therefore have closed off from others in the attempt to avoid being hurt, pushed away, disappointed or broken hearted.

Trust in the power of love and accept every aspect of who you are. When we no longer judge our vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and flaws, we are made whole! This empowers us to share who we truly are with others because being authentic is the truth of who we are! Being authentic is expressing our soul essence!

The Goddess rejoices in the radiance of our being. She embraces both our light and our shadows. She never judges us as being too little or too much!

When we accept who we really are, the goddess within us is able to shine!! She enables us to confidently speak, write, dance, create, play and be who we truly are because we no longer allow another to rate our worth. Our worth is now based on our unconditional love and acceptance of who we are. We know who we are and we are love!

Today, darling one, let's be brave. Let's truly love our self - past all the hurt, beyond the fear, in spite of our flaws, scars and weaknesses. Let's be fearless! Let's be honest and gentle with ourself. Let's share who we really are with others without a thought of rejection, of being critisized or misunderstood. Let's be love!

Try it and see what happens!

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