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The Goddess does not rule the world; She is the world.” — Starhawk Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Great Goddess

(p. 33)


Gaia, our earth mother is the Goddess! She does not desire to rule over us, but rather, she offers herself in service to us...

She is our shelter, our solace, our nourishment, our very source of life. Without her, we are without breath, food, water, or solid ground to stand upon.From her we are born, and to her we all shall return

Today, darling ones, let's take time to honor her. She is so worthy of our worship and praise. She is so deserving of our protection, gratitude, and love.

What will you do today to show her how much you adore her?

Message of Awareness from The Gypsy Priestess

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