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Full Moon Prayer Circle

The Gypsy Priestess with The Priestess Circle of the Violet Flame invite you to join us for a Full Moon Prayer Circle on 16 October, 2016 (no particular time) The Details: What: Full Moon Prayer Circle - Global Women's Event In the privacy of your own space... Minimal time commitment. Sacred intent needed. Preparation: 1 candle (violet, purple, cream, or white), flame No candle? No problem - Envision a candle & flame. Why: In Honor of Womankind. Women everywhere are experiencing dramatic changes: personal struggles and transformation. Women are remarkably resilient. In spite of the social, personal, political, economic and cultural challenges we face, we endure and overcome. Where: Wherever you are beneath the Full Moon. Alone or with others. The Full Moon in October is called the Sanguine Moon. Sanguine means: "Optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation." The Sanguine Moon is also known as the Blood Moon. When: 16 Sunday 2016 - the Night of the Full Sanguine Moon Morning, Noon or Night. Your schedule: Focus for 2 minutes or throughout the day... How to Participate: Light a candle (violet, purple, white or cream) for all Womankind; Past, Present and Future. Our intention is to individually, and collectively, release fear, dis-ease, anger, pain, sorrow, blame, shame, hate, doubt, denial, limitation, struggle, hardship, regret, lies, pain, disappointment, guilt, jealousy, karma, money and body issues, unworthiness, trauma, oppression, worry, and all other forms of heaviness that keep us from living our truth in ways that honor our authenticity, wisdom, worth, strength, courage, beauty, compassion, power, creativity, sovereignty. voice, and LOVE. By our united prayers (whether spoken or silent), we proclaim ourselves and all womankind free of anything and everything that harms, restricts, or denies our authentic expression as women. We call forth, and open to receive everything that will benefit, cherish, empower and support who we were, are and shall ever be as women. This is a FREE global event. Watch for additional unfolding information regarding this and future Prayer Circles. Please post your comments, prayers, invocations, photos, etc. as you desire here in this blog 'discussion' space, or on our facebook page: The Priestess Circle of the Violet Flame Lovingly,

Leesa | The Gypsy Priestess A Priestess of the Violet Flame.


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