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The Goddess Moon

Hello darlings,

Last month, I sponsored The 2nd Annual Goddess Talk Sessions by Shann Vander Leek @ Transformation Goddess, and as a gift, I offered:

The Goddess Moon: A 28 Day Guidebook The Goddess Moon is waiting for you to claim her beauty, grace and wisdom for your own. This gift was created to help you discover ways to recognize, engage and embody the Goddess within you. If you somehow missed it, you claim your copy here.

The guidebook is intended to be self flowing, meaning that you may explore and experience it when, and as you desire.

Accept my love offering and find out for yourself just how radiant you really are!

Our online group is an ongoing private space where we gather with other women to share our experiences and thoughts in sisterhood, and where I will expound on the daily journal prompts by offering additional daily guidance and support for those journeying with the Goddess Moon. We have completed the 1st cycle around the Goddess Moon... Session 2 begins on the 1st of November. Remember: It's FREE to get the guidebook and to join us in sisterhood by requesting membership at: The Goddess Moon Journey.

See you there. Leesa | The Gypsy Priestess


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