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Simple Ways to Embody the Goddess Every Day!


When we consciously embody the goddess we become the Goddess.

When we seek ways to awaken, honor and nurture the divine feminine energies within,

we begin to glow and uninhibitedly express what it is to be a woman who truly loves herself.

You were born to be aware, authentic and radiant. 

Life is meant to be a pleasure. Let's celebrate!

Loving yourself allows your inner goddess to shine.



When we awaken the Goddess within, we gain a deeper consciousness of Her in the moment of being NOW. She stimulates our thinking in ways that excite, stir, and kindle our inner fires. We are enlivened; we begin to fully embrace the vast possibilities. As we 

acknowledge Her presence in our daily thoughts, our attitutudes change and our inner dialogue (our self talk) becomes activated to empower. This enables us to call forth new energies and breathe new life into our dreams. 



Awaken the Goddess Within!


  • ​practice compassionate self love

  • engage in positive thinking

  • speak kindly of and to yourself

  • explore, learn, open to the new

  • meditate on what you do want

  • release fear, worry and doubt

  • play and creatively daydream

  • expand your spiritual awareness

  • open to the abundant good in life

  • write poetry or keep a journal

  • watch for signs to guide your way

  • pray or ask for what you desire

  • keep an attitude of thankfulness



Goddess Awakening Meditation


Find a beautiful, private, peaceful 

place in nature to meditate. Be aware of the air, wind or breeze. Let your breath rise and fall in harmony with it.


Open to the energies of the solid 

land. Allow it to ground and calm you. As you sit, lay or stand upon the body of our beloved Mother, Gaia, imagine that She is embracing you. She embraces you like a wise and gentle loving Mother. You are home as She 

holds you to Her breast and softly whispersYou are loved my precious daughter. Be at peace, as you are ever safe with me. I watch over you every moment and guide your path to happiness .Trust that all is well.



When we honor the Goddess within, we gain a deeper respect for Her in soulful ways that allow us to cherish ourself, just as we are, NOW. She fills us with a renewed sense of purpose, and reminds us that we are worthy of all that we can imagine, desire and manifest. As we fully acknowledge the esteemed privilege and pleasure of being a woman, we begin to feel a sense of pride as a unique reflection of the Goddess, Herself. This enables and empowers us to feel beautiful.


Honor the Goddess Within!


  • feel beautiful in your own skin

  • admire your unique expression

  • honor your emotions as a guide

  • trust in your innate knowing

  • always follow your heart and soul

  • be open to mystery and magick

  • smile, laugh and celebrate life

  • break free of all limitations

  • flow with the energy of change

  • return to your place of balance

  • practice inner harmony and bliss

  • cherish your inner sacred space

  • embrace all that is good and true






Goddess Honoring Self-Prayer


Beloved Goddess who resides within my being: I am honored to be a divine reflection of the Great She. I joyfully allow Her energy and essence to fill me to overflowing. I see with eyes of love. I hear the voice of wisdom. I speak my truth with inner authority. My body is perfect, just as it is. I am whole and holy. I lovingly care for my self; body, mind, and spirit. I choose only that which brings more peace, love, grace, pleasure, passion, truth, beauty and abundance into my life. I release all that does not honor, bless, delight or support me. Goddess be my ever

constant source of self-respect. Be my sacred mirror. So shall  it be. So it is.



When we nurture the Goddess within, we gain a deeper appreciation for Her power to heal, soothe, encourage and bless us in every NOW moment of our life. She teaches us the ancient ways of self-love: we become wise women when we nurture our self; body, mind and spirit. As we gently acknowledge our needs and wants, we are offered the opportunity to truly cherish who we are on soulful levels. This enables us to embody the Goddess in ways we have only before dreamed of.


Nurture the Goddess Within!


  • dance with the energies of life

  • take long, soulful walks in nature

  • explore the pleasures of touch

  • breathe in love; release all fear

  • gather beauty with your eyes

  • create a sanctuary in your home

  • pamper your body, hair and skin

  • listen to relaxing or reviving music

  • fully experience aromatherapy

  • go on a healing adventure/retreat

  • seek the comforts of your soul

  • allow plenty of time for dreaming

  • enjoy the power of the elements



Goddess Nurturing Body Recipe


Goddess Demeter Body Moisturizer

2 parts coconut oil (melted)

1 part almond oil

1 part olive oil

1/2 part calendula balm

15 drops rose essential oil

5 drops myrtle essential oil

5 drops orange essential oil

5 drops ginger or bay essential oil


Blend oils and balm together in a glass bowl or measuring cup. Add the essential oils and stir gently. Pour into a glass bottle or jar; seal with a tight fitting lid. Keep in cool, dark place. 

Use lavishly for all skin types. Enjoy!

Know that your body is beautiful....

Note: Please, use only organic oils.

Written and shared with love by Leesa, the Gypsy Priestess for Goddess of the Gypsy Moon 2013

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