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FREE LOVE: goddess Wisdom for Daily Living 

Sacred "Me" Time


A goddess loves and honors herself by claiming the time and space she needs for rejuvination, rest, inner quiet, creativity and self pampering. She schedules time alone for her own interests and passions. She takes care of herself on every level so that she remains vibrant, healthy and

juicy. A woman who honors her inner goddess is a woman who is deeply satisfied with her life.

Embrace Your Feminine Essence


A goddess celebrates her divine feminine energy. She is able to give abundantly because she is open to receive all the love, beauty and pleasure she desires. She accepts blessings, gifts, help, kindness, praise and joy when they are given with an open heart and mind. She finds peace in being gracious because she knows she is deserving of all the goodness that comes into her life.

Create a Sanctuary at Home


A goddess makes her home a sacred space of beauty and purpose. Each room is dedicated to her well being. She surrounds herself with things that are useful, and pleasing to her senses. She celebrates what is important to her by cherishing what she needs and loves and by giving away all that does not serve her in her daily life. Her home is an expression of her soulful self.




Plant Dream Seeds in Spirit Womb Space


A goddess plans and creates her life by consciously imagining it into being. She follows where her passions lead her. She respects and delights in her authentic expression and reflection of the Goddess. She trusts in her knowing and acts on her intuitive guidance to manifest the life she dreams of living. She is playfully creative and enjoys flowing with her unique cycles in life.


Love Your Body Temple


A goddess adores her own unique shape, size, style and expression. She knows that her beauty is unlike any other woman and that she is perfect just as she is. She takes pleasure in caring for her health, hair and body. She does not compare herself, but rather celebrates her own kind of magick, sex appeal, and abilities. Being a reflection of the Goddess is empowering and lovely.



Reconnect with Gaia


A goddess knows that connecting with nature restores her body, mind and spirit. She is deeply bound to the spiritual wisdom of the earth, the sky and the sea. She honors the energies of the elements, the moon, trees, flowers and herbs and allows them to assist her on her sacred path of beauty. She knows that living in harmony with Mother Earth brings her into alignment.


Celebrate Life with Holy Rituals


A goddess honors the mysteries and magick of life. She creates rituals that add meaning to her every day tasks. She keeps time with the moon and finds deeper purpose in acknowledging the flow of life. She builds altars, gardens, and circles. She dances and sings. She generates beauty and wisdom day and night in honor of the miracle of being alive. She rejoices in all things.

May my seven tenets guide you to express your authentic essence in ways that enable you to live with more joy, passion & purpose.



Leesa, the gypsy priestess

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