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circles are sacred. circles are symbolic

of woman... of the moon... of

our bellies, our breasts, our

desire to hold and embrace.

circles are the sacred 

path that women

walk upon to kiss 

mothers earths body.

our lives are lived

in a spiral dance. 

unlike men, we are 

not linear, but rather,

we flow round and round...

in our thoughts, our emotions,

our journey upon the path of beauty.





for eons, since time began,

 women gather in circle

with other women.

at our beginning

we were an egg

curled up in

our mothers

womb space.

We gather in

birhting huts

& moon lodges.

we dance in circle

with the cycles of the

moon; a bleeding moon.

We are the circle of life.





A slideshow of circles: The Circle is the most ancient shape there is, and perhaps the most sacred.
The slideshow moves automatically, but click on any image and a pop-up message will appear,
allowing you to read about each 'circle' and its unifying
and profound correlative wisdom as a whole.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the sacred circle, and if you know of others, please share!
Thank you. Infinite blessings and bliss as you remember your place in the circle of life!


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