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SERVICES & Offerings

Remember, always treat yourself like a Goddess!



The Goddess Sanctuary is a private (non-commercial) space located in the scenic town of Manitou Springs, Colorado. The Gypsy Priestess provides sacred goddess treatment sessions for women only. In order to provide a truly exclusive, sensual experience,

only one woman is scheduled per day. The Goddess Sanctuary is truly a safe haven.


Each exquisite offering provoted, is designed to pamper your mind, body and spirit; 

which quietly and serenly invites your inner goddess to reveal herself to you.

Because you are a unique reflection of the Goddess, every enhancement is lovingly

hand prepared by The Gypsy Priestess specifically & especially for you, using only the finest, most gentle and natural ingredients. She selects those that best align with your personal needs and desires, then blends them in such a way that you are certain to experience delight on every sensory level during your unique soul soothing session!


You are invited to explore the many pampering offerings made available to you.

Just imagine how exquisite the experience truly could be... 



Isn't it time you said to yourself:


and booked your appointment

at the Goddess Sanctuary, today?






Know darling one,

that I utterly delight in pampering you

and truly look forward to honoring your inner goddess!

 the Gypsy Priestess



Leesa Wilson | The Gypsy Priestess is an ordained Priestess.
Though not licensed by local or worldly principalities, she follows a spiritual calling to serve.
Born a mystic, she was summoned and initiated by Rite of the Goddess Inanna, and ordained by Shakti and The Universal Life Church. All that is shared comes from a place of pure love, honor and deep respect for Goddess and for the Divine Mother God.
A fair energy exchange in the form of a fee may be requested for her time &/or materials, though more often than not she gives freely. Love offerings and  donation of any amount are graciously received and deeply appreciated. She never turns a woman away due to lack of funding. Please contact her personally regarding trade, barter or other form of energy exchange for the services you desire to receive. Remember: You are responsible for your own health and well-being. Ask questions, do research, and make choices which are most in alignment with your needs, standards, expectations, situation and sense of truth, fairness, goodness and harmony. 


Infinite blessings and bliss.




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