Leesa Wilson

Daughter of the earth and sea and sky.



high priestess | artist | writer | teacher | facilitator | gypsy dreamer | wise woman | dakini | crone | siren | mother 

spiritual midwife | queen | goddess | mistress | gardener  star gazer | seer | wanderer | weaver | gatherer | psychic she | mystic | enchantress | mystery | moonlight muse 

handmaiden | alchemist | petal | lover | chalice | yogini wild woman | healer | bloodsister | witch | poet | oracle 


She who flows with the cycles and seasons.

She who lives by the phases of the moon.

She who honors the ways of life.death.rebirth.


She who empowers women.



  Hello darling sistar,


  It is a delight to share my heart and soul with you. As you will discover,

I am passionately and wholly dedicated to the Goddess. It is my mission to empower

women to remember who they are and assist them in reclaiming their true power!


 The Goddess embraced me from the beginning. She speaks to my soul.

She beholds my very essence and blesses me with Her wisdom. I live as a goddess.

Her many faces are my own. She speaks ancient truth. She hears my prayers. 

She is multi-faceted: mysterious and enchanting, powerful and wise, ever changing,

yet forever the same. She is primodial; eternal. Her essence is timeless.

She is the Divine Feminine. 


  She Who Is speaks and moves through me in ways both mystical and tangible. 

I am a High Priestess of the Great Goddess Inanna. She chose me so very long ago... 

I have been following Her soulsong upon my path of beauty for well over 23 years. 

She imparts something profoundly spiritual into my daily life. She offers deep

insight into my psyche, keeps me ever mindful of my strengths and courage,

teaches me the hidden ways of the sacred sistarhood, and gently and magickally

enlightens me. The gifts She shares with me are the gifts I share with you.


As creatress and founder of Goddess of the Gypsy Moon,

I work with and empower women of all ages, and cultures; worldwide.

I invi te you to explore my website and the many offerings I share. 

It is my most sincere desire that my abundant gifts and teachings will inspire you 

to fully embody Her divine presence in your own life. 

 Remember, sweet sistar, the Goddess lives through each and every one of us.


I look forward to being of service to you as you dance upon your own unique and sacred path.

May the time you spend here wrap about your mind, body and spirit in ways 

that embrace, heal and transform you with profound love, grace and wisdom. 


The goddess in me honors the goddess in you.

Lovingly, Leesa