personalized mentoring  |  private coaching service



For over a two decades it has my pleasure and soulful honor to empower women

to awaken, heal, nurture, honor and celebrate the Goddess within.


Every woman is a reflection of the divine feminine SHE.


We all innately know she is there; we have seen glimpses, and at times embody her so completely that there is no doubt knowing who we are! Yet, at times we struggle to fully realize and manifest her expression in our daily life due to our disempowering or disappointing life experiences, neglect, negative self talk, or any number of other life changing set backs and challenges that can cause us to forget what makes us a unique and magnificient woman, worthy of adoration. Sometimes, we all need a little support.


Sistar, every woman needs (and secretly desires) a guide, a mentor, a gracious hearted and wise momma who will hold up a sacred mirror for us and shine the light of truth to reveal her gorgeous beauty, power, grace, essence and wisdom in a way that we can actually see and embody authentically as our own.


As a Goddess Self (Love) Empowerment Mentoring Coach, I work privately with you

to help deepen your soulful connection with your glorious, authentic essence of being. 

My Goddess Self (Love) Empowerment Gifts For You!

hint: smell the roses and follow the butterfly

Weekly or Monthly 



   Choose MONTHLY sessions when you desire to:

       form an intimate mentorship connection, receive more in depth guidance, and need more personalized attention. 

   Choose WEEKLY session when you desire to:

       focus on one particular issue, work short term with a mentor, or need only occassional guidance and  




Wisdom to Guide You on Your Authentic Path of Beauty.





 * one private phone consultation; recorded  

    (1 hour for weekly | 3 hours for monthly)

 * a personalized self love empowerment pdf

     (overflowing with activities, holistic therapies, supportive suggestions, etc.)

 * a 30 minute to hour guided self love meditation mp3

 * an encouragement email with a 15 minute phone follow up/progress check-in 

      (1 per week)

 * access to a weekly guided affirmation recording, secret facebook goddess self love

    support group, exclusive invitations to self love rituals and online gatherings,

    as well as other occasional offerings that are designed to inspire, delight and blessing.

 * one weekly email with questions, concern or a new focus

    with a timely reply from The Gypsy Priestess












 Rose Quartz is a powerful tool for love & healing.


Please allow me to assist you in discovering

just how worthy you are of your own love!



  My guidance style is feminine in nature:

It is nurturing, nourishing, respectful and supportive of who you are and where you desire to be.

My focus is on the divine feminine essence. I utilize the energy of many Goddesses to assist you

on your unique journey. I am dedicated to providing my clients with personalized care and attention.


If you desire transformational empowerment that unfolds in both gentle and beautiful ways, 

I am the mentor for you.