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Inanna ~ In the old tellings of the gods, Inanna is best known for her journey into the darkness of the underworld to find the light, to find herself and to seek truth and rebirth. Indeed she did find these things but not without personal hardships and sacrifice, a true tenet of many spiritual paths. She gave up everything she knew in order to transcend, to be reborn again as a great and powerful goddess.


I AM BABYLON. I AM INNIN. I AM INANNA. I AM NANAEA. I AM ISHTAR. I AM ASTARTE. I AM the purest heart. The holiest place in existence is my sacred womb. Only love can reside there. Death is left below me; it is not permitted within me. For although I welcome and guide the dead I AM Mother of ALL life. I AM the cleanser. I AM the purifier. No unclean thoughts can pass through the gates to my temple, No loveless lust can enter into my presence.

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