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Become the Goddess Adorned.



Imagine a personal audience with the Gypsy Priestess 

where undivided attention is respectfully and graciously 

given to your precious body, sentient essence and spirit...


Step Into The Sanctuary 


















Your divinely decadent session will begin with an altar ritual, 

followed by a guided Inner Goddess meditation to soothe your mind. 


From this centered space created with pure intent, your body will

be carefully attended to in a loving, gentle, pleasurable manner.


A profound sense of shy vulnerability will be quickly followed

by a sweetly humbling, yet empowering state of divine grace.


Though a Priestess, I will become a handmaiden, drenching you

in tactile sensation. You become the Goddess surrendering to beauty.


Your physical, nurturing adornment will include:












These exclusive treatments are freshly and intentionally prepared

with the finest natural and organic ingredients, especially for you.


After your body work treatments, a deliciously healthy and nourishing 

meal will be served to you, with tea. It will be a feast for eyes and spirit.



Once you are restored body and spirit, you and I will sit together

while I offer an mystic oracle reading. Often the message from the divine speaks to the depths of your being, providing comfort,

guidance, and an authentic sense of being heard and honored.  



With this received insight,  you will then engage in Mandala Art Therapy. Afterward. I will assist you in discovering the hidden message/meaning which your soulful essence has symbolically conveyed to you.

Your mandala serves as a reminder of your Goddess Adornment experience, and many women frame theirs and keep it near their altar.



To conclude the Goddess Adorned experience,  you will be initiated 

with both a Crowning and a Grounding Ceremony.










Please note:















Of course, there are other unmentioned delights included in your

one-of-a-kind Goddess Adornment package.I share the above list 

so that you may know what to expect, and have some guideline

of how your experience might unfold. Because you are a goddess

and wholy unique, I will be creating this event with your pleasure

and sacred purpose in mind, therefore, an element of surprise is want.



Darling, this is a six hour self indulgent retreat,

so please honor this gift to yourself by being prepared.

Before you arrive for your appointment:


Allow for undisturbed time in your schedule. 

Turn off, or silence your cell phone. 

Clear away invasive thoughts and take a deep breath.

Come prepared for a transformation. 



You will leave transformed; utterly relaxed and glowing!

I promise.



Your session takes place in The Sanctuary...

The lights are dim and candle light flickers against the walls. The space is very womb like, as there are no windows,

save a small skylight. The atmosphere is calm with a deep sense of safety. The sound of chimes or soft music serenely and softly play in the background. Cocooned in this private sanctuary, the outside world gently falls away as your senses are fully embraced. Truly, you will believe that you have magickally stepped into another time and space.

You have.

The Goddess Adorned is a custom designed, luscious experience which includes many sensual, relaxing, fragrant and restorative treatments created especially for you. Your unique day (or evening) will be comforting, uplifting, soulful and healing. Perhaps, for the first time in your life you will feel like the regal, beautiful, radiantly glowing goddess that you intuitively know and desire  yourself to be!



is the place of calm refuge for a weary

 mind, body & spirit. an
not unlike
into another
realm. a retreat
of an indulgent,


Once you have purchased your personalized Goddess Adornment

retreat session, please schedule your appointment.















Then, watch your inbox for my 'Welcome' email.


Enclosed you will find a Questionaire which I request that you answer

from your deepest, most souful longing,

so that I may best serve your individual needs and desires.


I wish this to be an extremely pleasing retreat for you, and thus,

I allow for your personal selection of fragrance, colour, mood, etc. 


When I receive your returned Questionaire,

I will call to confirm our scheduled appointment date and time,

as well as to clarify any questions or concerns you may have. 

It is my honor to serve you in this unique and exquisite manner.


May it be a blessing you enjoy immensely.


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