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Goddess Oracle Readings serve to address your concerns in a healing,

sacred manner as they guide and enlighten you on your sacred path. 

The Gypsy Priestess personally connects with spirit on your behalf;

from a place of love, wisdom and insightful communication between you

and your higher self. Always, the intention is for your ideal good.












Before you choose your desired oracle, center yourself and breathe....

Close your eyes and contemplate your situation. Allow your questions

to rise to the surface of your consciousness with gentle awareness. Then, look at the oracles below. Your own wise, intuitive knowing will help you select the one that most resonates with you, and that will best guide you

to the awakening necessary for your desired outcome. If a little more detail is wanted, simply click on the oracle image. Once you have chosen the oracle, please purchase and fill in the form below as completely as possible. 




Please choose one of the three options below that best suits your needs and desire.


(click to expand for full description)



If you prefer a more interactive, personal connection, you might prefer my

 Mystic Oracle Phone Readings

Your unique Goddess reading is delivered to your email address in an illustrated pdf format,

so that you may keep and refer to it as often as needed, or desired.


It is my hope that it brings peace, understanding, validation and abundant blessings.





IMPORTANT: Please fill in the form below after you purchase your selected reading above,. Thank you.

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