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Gifts to The Gypsy Priestess.  (Graciously received with deep gratitude. Thank you.)  

We all love receiving gifts, don't we? I truly adore the ones I receive. I also profoundly enjoy gifting you with my wisdom, blessings and creative expression. If you have been inspired, uplifted, empowered, or have in any way benefited from what I share on my website and through social media, and wish to send a post card, an email or some token of your appreciation or affection, you will find my contact information under my HOME tab - Dance With Me. I devote myself to the Goddess; and I am dedicated to empowering women through what I share locally and online via my unique products and services. This is my sole means of financial support and quite honestly, I am in need of some support. If you feel guided to gift me with a love donation, I am open to receive. Truly I am deeply grateful for any offering, large and small. Thank you kindly, with gratitude.

Follow the butterfly...

She will lead the way...

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