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Inanna  (/ɪˈnænə/ or /ɪˈnɑːnə/)

She was also known as Ištar or Astarte.



Usually shown either dressed in lavish clothing or naked.


Sacred Animals:

Owls, Snakes, and Lions;

often shown riding on the backs of two lionesses. 



the Great Mother Goddess has many titles such as:


“Queen of Heaven and Earth”
“Priestess of Heaven”
“Light of the World”
“Morning and Evening Star”
“First Daughter of the Moon”
“Loud Thundering Storm”
“Righteous Judge”
“Forgiver of Sins”
“Holy Shepherdess”
“Hierodule of Heaven”
“Opener of the Womb”
“Framer of All Decrees”
“The Amazement of the Land”
“The Green One”
“She of the Springing Verdure”
“Queen of Stall and Fold”

"Goddess of Light, Life, Fertility, War and Love"



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