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Cyber Sisterhood United

we unite in sisterhood!

About the Logo:

BLUE represents the refreshing water needed to wash away un-sisterly behavior.

GREEN represents growth and new beginnings.

WHITE represents the vastness of cyberspace that surrounds the body of sisterhood.



The image represents the head, arms and body of Sisterhood operating in cyberspace.

The HEAD is shaped like a heart to promote loving thoughts.

The ARMS of Sisterhood are cradling her body in an attempt to protect and heal herself.

The BODY is fractured representing the disruptive behavior the Sisterhood has within itself.

The body is in the shape of the infinity symbol to communicate that women are infinitely connected, and the symbol is turned vertically because the Sisterhood body must shift itself in order to find healing.

The Gypsy Priestess and Goddess of the Gypsy Moon have adopted the Cyber Sisterhood United Act

Viewing my website or participating in any of my offerings is an unspoken agreement of The Pledge.

In sisterhood we are united. 

Thank you.

Infinite blessings, Leesa

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