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enna (Lawsonia enermis/Lawsona inermis) is a plant which, when dried, is ground into a fine powder;          then, blended with lemon juice or black tea, lavender or rose essential oil and sugar to form a            paste. This thick paste is applied to the skin where it remains until it sets and dries, then it is              either washed or scraped off, leaving the desired henna design stained on the top layer of skin.

Marked as the Goddess


















At birth we are marked as the goddess.
To be marked as the goddess is a sign of sovereignty, honor,
acknowledgement and devotion to the goddess within, and
to our divine feminine beauty, wisdom, purpose and journey.
As daughters of the Great Mystery, SHE:
All females must undergo the sacred rite of transformation.
The ancient Goddess custom and mysterious art of using henna
to paint designs upon the hands, feet or body is called Mehndi.
It dates back to antiquity (1550 BCE).
In ancient times, evidence indicates that women painted their hands
with henna to honor and emulate the fertility goddess.
Thousands of years ago in Goddess temples, henna was used in erotic rituals.
Throughout the ages henna has been used to adorn and bless women as a rite of passage,
and to dye, condition and protect hair, nails and skin, among other uses.*
Some say the use of its magickal power was to guard against misfortune.
Others say it was used exclusively to adorn, or enhance inner beauty.
Old wives tales speak of its power to invite romance and heal mind and body.
Spiritual teachers believe it bestows happiness, wealth and universal blessings.
Plant magick says henna grants its wearer beauty, gain, and gentleness.
Because henna, like blood, is said to intensify our awareness
of earth energies and to deepen our connection with our spiritual essence,
it is considered a powerful and sacred plant of the Goddess;
one which is especially holy and beneficial to womankind.
Henna ushers in the energy of change, renewal and divine existence.
Since the beginning women have needed protection and desired adornment.
When we think about it, isn't the purpose of protection and adornment to transform?
Protection transforms fear into trust and safety.
Adornment transforms our sense of self into empowered confidence.
Transformation is our birth right. We are destined to transform.
Like the Goddess we transform from girl maiden, to lover, to mother, to crone.
We are constant divine renewal: birth/death/rebirth.
Surely, this truth was well known by our ancient mothers.
Yet, since wise women history is elusive in nature 
(due to mothers passing wisdom on to daughters through example, song and spoken word),
and much has been lost and destroyed, or was never recorded in text,
the original intent and use of henna might forever remain a mystery
were we not marked as the goddess! Darlings, we hold hidden wisdom!
Within our sacred bodies can be found the secret code; the gifts passed down
to us from our ancient mothers are forever stored in our blood, bones, tears and womb. 
The truth written in our body is a library that only our intuitive knowing can access.
Henna assists us in accessing our inner wisdom.
It aids us on our sacred journey of change, transformation and transcendence.
Like a messenger, it speaks our sacred intentions to the spirit realm, 
where all change originates. We are the creatrix of our reality.
What we create is made manifest, because we first imagine, dream or call it into being.
By setting a sacred intention or prayer at the time of henna application, 
this ancient art form becomes an act of communicating with the divine within us
and making manifest that which we most desire to create. In this way, henna
         offers blessings to all women who transform their body with sacred intentions.                  
The Gypsy Priestess is highly skilled in the application of intricate and exquisite henna design. It is her honor and delight to protect, adorn and transform your precious skin with this natural, non-toxic, semi-permanent stain, in such a way that is both beautiful and meaningful to you. Prior to the application, a private meeting will reveal your dreams, goals and sacred intentions, guiding her hand to adorn you with a design that will enhance your soul essence. Following this unique experience, you may wish to remain pampered in the Goddess Sanctuary for an hour while you relax and meditate. The Gypsy Priestess (or her hand maiden) will attend to your needs while your henna sets. This time is encouraged, as the sacred art of henna is a process of being blessed; it is to be lingered over and enjoyed, not rushed. You shall see... 


Please note: 

The henna must remain undisturbed on the skin for 3 to 12 hours in order to create a dark stain on the skin. The remaining sacred body art design itself does not wash off, but remains on the skin until it softly and gradually fades away... (usually 2-12 weeks). As it fades away, your prayer or intention is made manifest.


May your sacred prayer blossom upon your skin,

then mysteriously vanish with a transformative kiss of the Goddess

as it has for women throughout history.

She who is Marked as the Goddess knows that her power, wisdom and beauty is the gift of transformation. She wants to focus it, honor it

and speak it in prayerful ways that truly express her authentic being!



Marked as the Goddess is a meditative and beautifying henna treatment that adorns your skin and spirit in sacred and profound ways. It serves as a prayer, affirmation or focused intention for weeks to come, and shows the world that you are marked by the Goddess. 


Body Temple Altar is a meditative and sacred henna treatment intended as a visibly prayerful 

announcement to spirit that your body is your temple and upon its altar you are intentionally placing your sincere request (for empowerment, strength, blessings, etc.) before the Goddess.


Full Moon Mother Blessing is a meditative and gentle henna treatment for expectant mothers. This comforting session anoints both mother and baby before, during and after birth with an eternal prayer of sacred intention and a Goddess blessing for health, love, peace & happiness. 


Healing Goddess Adornment is a meditative and soothing henna treatment meant to mark the rite of passage on your journey to health, well-being, recovery and renewal. This sesson is a prayer offered to women who have lost their hair due to chemo or radiation treatments, as well as to women with scars or amputations or other reminders of overcoming adversity. It is also offered as a beneficial balm to women who are grieving, broken, hurting, longing, or in need of spiritual healing or soul retrieval. All sessions are held in a private, safe space to BE.

WARNING: Do not use henna if you have a G-6-P deficiency.


Please schedule your appointment first.

Then, either pay for your chosen treatment(s) online by adding the item(s) below to your shopping cart, and choosing PayPal, credit card or personal check

to complete your order, or pay in person at the time of your appointment. If for any reason you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please contact me 24 hours in advance to re-schedule or cancel. Thank you. I look forward to serving you.

Remember: Always Treat Yourself Like a Goddess!

To be Marked as the Goddess is to embark upon the sacred journey of transformation!

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