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Be a Radiant Goddess

 The radiant goddess is woman who glows

with a sense of health, contentment and pleasure.






What Exactly Does It Mean to Be Radiant?




1. ra·di·ant

 adjective \ˈrā-dē-ənt\


: sending out or emitting rays of light; shining, beaming or glowing brightly.


: having or showing an attractive quality of happiness, love, health, etc.


: happy|beautiful: obviously very happy, or very beautiful.


: Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy Sexy




I found these four definitions of radiant from different sources,

yet, each reveals its essence so clearly and begs the question: 


How Radiant Are You?


This question is best answered emotionally: How radiant do you feel?

When we feel radiant, we actually glow. Our inner light shines bright.

When we feel tired, depleted, stressed, overwhelmed, worried, or neglected,

it is as if a veil covers us energetically and hides our inner flame.


To be truly radiant, our energy, emotions and desires must find balance.

When we pamper and care for our self as devotedly, lovingly, willingly and consistently

as we do for others, we feel vibrant, sexy, confident, peaceful and more capable

of embracing pleasure! Pleasure brings us into balance; it relaxes, comforts, and grounds us.

Pleasure allows us to let go of what does not soothe, support and beautify our spirit.

And, every radiant goddess knows that the state of our spirit determines our ability to shine!


Whether we are balanced or not, it shows.

It shows in our skin, our hair, our bodies and in our spirits!

NOW is the time to SHINE!

She who desires to Be the Radiant Goddess knows that she deserves to be pampered and cared for

in ways that are restorative and pleasurable! The divinely radiant goddess understands the need for

a true retreat. She is willing to plan and schedule the 'me time' required to indulge in her own self care.

She treats herself to sensual, relaxing and empowering experiences that are truly rejuvinating.

She listens to the messages that her body, emotions and thoughts speak to her and honors them

by devoting the time it requires to enjoy and ensure her own well-being.



You Can Be a Radiant Goddess

The Radiant Goddess Collection


Consists of nurturing, nourishing, gentle,

goddess-made beauty treatments which are

magickally prepared especially for you,

with genuine consideration for the unique

needs, desires and concerns you have for

your kind of beautiful face, hair and body.

Only the finest, all natural ingredients

are used, based upon your chosen

preferences. You are personally

and lovingly administered to by The

Gypsy Priestess with great gentleness

and the deepest respect and exquisite

care for your body, mind and soul.

Face of the Goddess is gentle beauty treatment that leaves your skin radiant and your spirit aglow with serenity. When others see your radiant countenance, they will bask in your glow!


Hair of the Goddess is an enjoyable beauty treatment that soothes your scalp, relaxes your neck and shoulders, and deeply hydrates your tresses leaving them looking radiantly shiny.


Body of the Goddess is a sensual beauty treatment that honors your goddess temple body. It

transforms with both energizing and relaxing sensations that feel akin to goddess worship.


Hands & Feet of the Goddess is a fragrant beauty treatment which exfoiliates and enhances so that you can dance and express yourself befitting a goddess. Now, time for Goddess pose!


The Pampered Goddess is for women who desire to be treated like a goddess for longer than an hour. Three beauty treatments leave you feeling utterly cherished and renewed. Claim it!


The Radiant Goddess Package is for women who crave head to toe attention and know they deserve it. Four beauty treatments delight your inner goddess and restore her sense of joy, self love, balance and confidence. Enjoying a beautiful luncheon served as if to a Queen, is a surreal experience which leaves you wanting to Be the Radiant Goddess you are, every day!

"The moon lives in the lining of your skin..."

Pablo Neruda



Please schedule your appointment first.

Then, either pay for your chosen treatment(s) online by adding the item(s) below to your shopping cart, and using PayPal, credit card or personal check to complete your order, or you may pay in person at the time of your appointment. If for any reason you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please contact me 24 hours in advance to re-schedule or cancel. Thank you. I look forward to serving you.

Remember: Always Treat Yourself Like a Goddess!

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