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Mystic Oracle Phone Readings  by The Gypsy Priestess

Mystic Oracles are an interactive reading over the phone.
The Gypsy Priestess will address up to three (3) questions or concerns. Intuitively choosing several oracles for each of your questions or concerns, and consults these sacred oracles on your behalf. This is an insightful reading experience, as she takes the time to commune with you thereby assisting you in finding
the deeper meaning of the symbolic guidance offered. Each reading is recorded and the link is sent to your email so that you may listen at any time thereafter.
Currently, two reading options are offered. Please use the contact form below, if you have a special request, needs help with something technical, require a longer reading, or would like another party to attend the call. (Subject: Mystic Oracle)

Mystic Oracle Reading by the Gypsy Priestess
A one hour recorded, intuitive reading (via phone) with The Gypsy Priestess. Several oracles are consulted to gain insight and guidance regarding your questions or concer...
The Mystic Oracle
1 hr 15 min
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