STARDUST: dreams in the making


Creative Ideas & Projects

These are my dreams in the making. Each idea is a project I am currently working on. I am so excited to share all the details with you. Watch for the official announcements via my newsletter and facebook page. If they pique your curiosity, and you wish to take part in one or more, please click the tab and let me know that you are interested. If  you haven't signed up for my free newsletter yet, please go here,  so I may send the announcements. 


Spring 2017 ~ Summer 2017


*  Living Seasonally with the Goddess:

Embrace the seasons of Gaia with our mind, body, emotions & spirit.

*  Become an Oracle for the Goddess:

Learn to hear her voice and allow her to speak wisdom through you.

*  Embody the Goddess:

Energetically take on the essence of a different Goddess every month.

*  Goddess Oracle Deck:

Create personal, meaningful & powerful Goddess cards for divination.

*  Red Butterfly Journey: 

A journey to honor the sacred wisdom & cycles of your moontime.

*  Visual Soul Journaling:

Create your own mystic journal with prompts that guide you within.




Wild Women Have More Fun!

Winter 2016 


This 3 day, 2 night retreat for women of all ages will be held in the mountains of Colorado near Manitou Springs (the exact location to be announced). It will be a feral weekend of sensual shadow stalking, setting free inhibitions, embracing our inner wild woman and her desires, dancing under the moon light, finding our authentic voice and claiming our need to howl.

e-Invitations via my newsletter will be sent at the the beginning of November. Be sure to book early if you wish to participate, as there will be limited space/rooms available.

Please join us for this powerful event.  Feel free to change the image.


Ongoing Search for 12 Dedicated Women

High Priestess facilitated, Coven empowered.



It has been a dream of mine to start a coven of women, who are willing to devote themselves for a year and a day. If all things flow well, we will continue working together for many moons to come. We will meet in person monthly on or near the full moon and attend a conference call on the new moon. The purpose of this coven is to forge deep connections with one another, the Moon Goddess and our own wild gypsy soul, which consists of our authentic self ~ shadow and light. If you live in the Manitou or Colorado Springs area and would like to become a member, please contact me. I would like to hold our first meeting  10 February 2017. 

The Goddess Moon: A 28 Day Monthly Guidebook: an ebook

Publish Date: Winter 2016


I created this guidebook to help you discover ways to recognize, engage and embody the Goddess within yourself. Each day of the 28­-day cycle features a prompt which suggests suggests a way to practice being soulful. The full version expounds on the daily prompts in informative, playful, sensual, creative ways. An open mind, clear and sacred intentions, and an attitude of infinite possibility are keys that can open doors to the most magickal, mysterious and marvelous 

realms within yourself.


Receive a 'sneak peek' copy for FREE until the full edition is published. Pre-order for discount!