FREE LOVE:  the goddess listens


Do you long to bare your soul to the divine? 

Are you seeking a blessed communion with the Goddess?

Is there some wisdom you desire, or some guidance you need?



 The Divine Feminine resides within all women.

She is innate within our being. Our essence and Hers are one.


Since a young girl, I sense the Goddess within my body, mind and being. She fills my heart with deep compassion when I witness the pain, sorrow and fear within others. Being highly intuitive, empathic and sensitive, it has always been easy for me to feel Her. It is my great joy and honor to open myself up to Her love and spiritual essence; and to channel Her love, wisdom and profound compassion for the benefit of others.  


If you have a question or a problem.....

If you need guidance or support....

If your heart aches ...

If you are overcome with fear or doubt...



Whatever your current situation, the Goddess listens. 


She hears the words you cannot speak. She knows you from the very depths of your being.


Ask, and SHE will listen.


She speaks from a place of divine love. Ask and listen for Her voice. She speaks to all who will listen. 



Yet, if you are having a difficult time being still long enough to hear, perhaps I can assist you.

I hear Her voice and then She speaks through me. If you are of pure heart and intention, I will be honored

to beseech Her on your request. I have no way of knowing what She will speak, but Her Truth, Light and Love 

always come through strong and clear and offers sweet, insightful and healing blessings to all who seek Her.


May the Goddess bless you abundantly. 

May She embrace you with love. 

May it always be so for you.  



Please use the form below to ask what you will of the Goddess.

Your submitted request is treated with the upmost honor and respect.

I will protect your privacy and will keep your confidence by not sharing your information with anyone, ever.

May the words channeled through me be a true blessing for you.  




The Gypsy Priestess













































Due to the nature of this offering, please note that I can not promise an immediate reply.

Thank you for understanding.