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The mystic surrenders to the spiritual truth of her essence

and seeks by contemplation that which is sacred within:

The Wisdom of the Goddess. 


 How long have we 

 been made to fear

 our inner knowing,

 our truth, our power? 



 We no longer fear what

 the Goddess reaveals....


 As the mystic, 

 we are reclaiming our own

 selves, our innate curiosity,

 our wisdom, our right to seek

 that which we must know.


The Gypsy Priestess is delighted to offer three forms of divination to  awaken your memory, to validate your intuition, and to arouse your  desire to create your life by intentional choice:

Simply click on whichever ones pique your interest for more details.

Each divination oracle is unique and offers meaningful and profound insight, healing and guidance. Allow your spirit to help you choose...


                          I personally attend to your query and with honor                             and deep respect for you and your privacy, I tap                             into the holy and divine power of the Goddess

                          to guide your own inner wisdom to come forth.


                                          May they be a blessing to you!

                                               With love & intrigrity of purpose, 

                                      The Mystic Gypsy Priestess



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