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Goddess of the Gypsy Moon:

Goddess of the Gypsy Moon



Welcomes you to Goddess of the Gypsy Moon.



Is always open to you, my beloved sistar. This door symbols possibility and adventure. It is meant as an invitation for you to explore, learn and find your own truth amid the many paths of wisdom offered to you in this secret garden of goddess delights. Welcome and enjoy.

Founded in 2009

Founded in 2009

by Leesa Wilson

Pale as the moon her energy reflects the essence of Goddess and what it means to be her Gypsy Priestess.

She stands naked and unashamed, inviting you to claim your divine feminine power and walk the path of the Goddess in ways that empower and celebrate your authentic beauty. She shines the light as guide upon your own unique and sacred path of beauty. This image represents the original worship of the Divine Feminine, as SOURCE. May you come to know Her on every level of your being. May She bless you abundantly.

Star of Inanna

Star of Inanna

This star is a sacred symbol representing the ancient Goddess Inanna; the Queen of Heaven and Earth. She is also known as Astarte and Ishtar: The Great SHE. She is the patron Goddess of The Gypsy Priestess and Goddess of the Gypsy Moon. I am devoted to Inanna and dedicated to being a gift of empowerment to women of all ages, cultures, and beliefs.



This ancient design of the rose represents the Gypsy and the Goddess Inanna. It is sacred symbolizing self awareness, blossoming and spiritual awakening. May it speak to your psyche when you see it, and open you to your own divinity. namaste



I am amazed that this symbol resembles the symbol of Inanna... It is known as the Logoruota Romani is the symbol chosen by the gypsies to represent the people in 1971.

I am grateful for the love of Goddess. Through the tears, deaths, heartaches and brokenness, I am always given hope, signs and guidance that I am on the path of beauty.... How wonderful it is to have souls calling and life mission come together in magickal, meaningful, and profoundly enlightening ways.



This ancient teardrop moon represents blessings of the Goddess. It symbolizes maiden, mother, crone - a woman's cycle of being one with the moon. May She bless you in every season and cycle of your life. Forever.


        is dedicated to the Goddess,

and is a sanctuary devoted to awakening, nurturing, honoring

and celebrating the goddess within you!

Remember darling:  The Goddess dwells within all women and

 our Mother Earth. May we honor, protect and cherish Her always, and in all ways. 



Creed of Goddess of the Gypsy Moon:


To Gather and Empower the Sisterhood. 


To hold sacred this truth:

The Divine Feminine Sisterhood transcends limitations, race, culture

and belief systems imposed upon us by the patriarchy and by the energy of fear. 

We are bound by our blood ties (womanhood + moon time bleeding)

and by our willingness and dedication to connect, to share, and to embrace

one another in love, in kindness, and with deep compassion.



My Prayer:


May we all invoke our divine feminine consciousness.

May it empower us as we embody Her love.

May we be more authentic, open hearted and at peace

with our self and one another as we live the lives we envision.


May it be so, and so it is.

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