Discover the Goddess Within   

Exploring and Embodying 13 Archetypes of Woman on the Path of Wholeness

SEEK WISDOM  |  13 Moons & 13 Faces of the Goddess: A 13 Month Journey *



Session III Begins

1 February 2017






It's not too late!

You can still join us.

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Who do you see when you look in the mirror? 

Have you ever glimpsed the Goddess within yourself?

I assure you, darling, SHE is there...


Look again, every woman is a unique reflection of the divine feminine!

Your heart, mind, body and spirit hide the keys to ancient wisdom.

                 Look deep....





                                                                               Be brave....

Sister, it's time.


If you yearn for a sacred place to explore your inner depths...


If you desire an experienced guide who will safely lead you to where the Goddess dwells, come with me on an amazing adventure of self-discovery. This is a magickal path that leads into the hidden realms

of your mysterious psyche, forgotten essence, and intuitive knowing.


If in your dreams, are you the brave woman facing change, transformation and incredible possibility... If you are the one

who fearlessly trusts that the divine feminine buried all your

dream seeds within your sacred womb space.... If you are so

heavy, waiting and ready to give birth to vast possibilities...


If you long to awaken the slumbering SHE...

If you desire to recognize and re-member the many faces 

of the Goddess within your own precious self...

If you wish to fully embody the goddess you envision yourself to be...



I encourage you to join me

on this sacred journey and discover

the many faces of the Goddess within!



As with all journeys, this workshop is not for the faint of heart, but for she who seeks truth, 

deeper meaning and purpose in her life.


This workshop is symbolic of looking into

a cloudy, mysterious mirror and seeing into the very depths of your divine feminine soul. 

You will forever be changed and empowered. 


However, like all journeys - this act of soul retrieval requires time: Time to delve below

the surface. Time to embrace the truest 

essence of who we are. Time to be 

healed, understood, loved and blessed 

by what is found within your depths.

Time to embody HER fully.


If you are called to this adventure,

I invite you to join us on this sacred journey

inward to unveil your inner goddess.


Explore the many ways the Goddess manifests within your life, 

your psyche and the wholeness of your being. 


Find her wisdom in your personal expressions:  

Some you may already possess, others you need only re-claim and celebrate. 


As we walk the path of beauty around the wheel of time, each archetype

will guide our individual and collective discovery of the ancient and forever renewing energy of the Great Goddess. Together, we will delve into thirteen different aspects of the divine feminine essence of SHE, as shown on the wheel below. And, as if looking into the mirror of our soul, we will begin to remember our authentic self: Who we were, who we are, and who we shall become.

This unique path awakens the Goddess on practical and soulful levels.