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You're so kind! I deeply appreciate all offerings of love and support! I adore surrounding myself with beauty, and find profound pleasure in things that inspire the spirit, delight the senses and impart wisdom. Hand crafted treasures are amazing! Radnom delights include, but are certainly not limited to: tea, dark coffee, flowers, crystals, holey stones, oracle decks, dupattas and shawls. everything moon or rose or Goddess (the Divine Feminine), books/journals, skeleton keys, boxes (I must have some Pandora DNA), singing bowls, incense, altar items, sea salts and bath oils, prisms, glitter and stardust, astrology, massage, mani/pedi and self -pampering of all sorts, healing balms and homemade edibles, art and postcards, fairies, books, candles, bells and wind chimes, gardening, gypsy trinkets, mushrooms, soaps, amber perfume oil, mala beads, creative materials and paraphernalia, magick, textiles and treasures from Morocco, India or Turkey, silks and velvets - gold and silver ribbon and trim, as well as anything Bohemian in style. 

Thank you for thinking of me. 

                                                                                                                                                                              ps. i love you.

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Leesa | The Gypsy Priestess

9 Resplandor Way

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas 71090-7781 USA

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1 719 368 1716

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Thank you!

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