SEEK WISDOM:  dancing with the moon goddess 



The Gypsy Priestess is delighted to offer this exploratory introduction into the 11 moon centers

of every woman and the energies experienced monthly as we dance with each one.


This FREE* event is for women intrigued by the 11 moon centers

and who desire to learn more about this ancient, rhythmic dance.




Call-In Event Outline:


Scheduled For 18 February 2017  3-5pm Saturday 


  • Introduction: Moon Centers ~ Intuition, Emotions & Power

  • Location and basic energy description of the 11 moon centers on every woman's body

  • How to dance with the moon centers 

  • 11 Moon Center Acknowledgment/Activation Meditation

  • Brief outline of our online 11 week course (Sat. February 25, 2017 – Sat, May 13, 2017)

  • Explanation of the weekly newsletters and our online facebook community

  • Questions & Answers / Closure


    (Your presence is not required on this call, if your schedule does not allow for this time/date,                                                        as it will be recorded and shared with all 35 women via email).




After the Call-In Event:


We will begin the process of exploring, charting and sharing our own personal moon goddess rhythms and experiences

individually, with collective support! You will receive weekly newsletters, and are asked to join our online facebook community. Dancing With the Moon Goddess is an online course for women only!




While Dancing with the Moon Goddess we will ~ 


  1. Discover our 11 Moon Centers

  2. Chart our personal Moon Dance

  3. Work with our unique rhythms

  4. Listen to our Goddess Body

  5. Follow group guidelines

  6. Complete Moon Wisdom assignments

  7. Share personal experiences

  8. Explore with other women 

  9. Create a Moon Goddess Diary

  10. Learn to 'Dance with the Moon Goddess'

  11. Post images of our work, thoughts, etc. 

  12. Become a radiantly empowered Moon Goddess



It is my sincere hope that you will find this topic as fascinating and empowering as I do.

I truly look forward to sharing this sacred journey with you.

Infinite blessings & bliss,


 Leesa Wilson

The Gypsy Priestess









I am freely offering Dancing With the Moon Goddess without charge because I believe it is a mystical art intended for all women to remember and be empowered by. The 11 moon centers have absolutely nothing to do with our bleeding, how the stars were aligned at our birth, or any other condition. Every baby girl is born with her eleven moon centers intact. They are as much a part of us as our energy field, our aura, and each of our esoteric essence.


The eleven moon centers are the same for all females, yet we each dance to our own rhythm. Discovering how to chart and understand this rhythm is key to our sense of confidence and the power and insight required to manifest our lives as we imagine and desire them to be. This is our birth gift from the Moon Goddess. So little has been documentation on this topic, therefore, I

intend to record our intimate experiences and our personal rememberances as a gift for future generations of girls and women.


So much has been lost to us throughout the ages, and this sacred journey of truly listening to the wisdom of our body is a way of reclaiming what has always belonged to us; womankind. 


Please note:

By choosing to participate in this online event, or by accepting any part of my free offerings, you are granting me permission to use (either in part or whole) your experiences/expressions for future projects or programs. I will contact you individually if I choose to use any part of your unique dance with the moon goddess.


This online course is dedicated to discovering the nuances of being a Moon Goddess.


Please be willing to commit to at least, 3 months of your time and energy toward this exploration.

In order to ensure intimacy between the women dancing collectively with the Moon Goddess, I will be assigning women into five groups of seven; thereby limiting the total number of women "Dancing with the Moon Goddess" to 35. 



Important Note:

All non-active members will be removed from the mailing list and our facebook group after two weeks. This is meant to keep all members engaged, and our sacred space full of radiant energy. (If something interfers with your ability to remain active, and you desire to continue this journey, please contact me privately (via email) to notify me, and we will make the needful arrangements.) 


Thank you for being willing to share your inner Moon Goddess with me!

You are beautifully and powerfully radiant!

Please join me. Let's go dancing with the moon goddess!




Donations Welcome.

I graciously accept your donation for the time and energy I am devoting to sharing the 11 Moon Centers with you.

Thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your gift.








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