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SEEK WISDOM:  dancing with the moon goddess 

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The Gypsy Priestess is delighted to announce:

Dancing With the Moon Goddess

A self discovery journey - reclaiming lunar power.

Just as the moon dances with the ocean, lifting and releasing her deep waters in a predictable, steady manner - she moves in time and space with the secret songs of our own feminine body and dances us! Every woman, even when unaware, has felt the influence that the moon has upon her body, emotions and psyche. Dance lessons will offer us the chance to know why! Consider this your formal invitation to dance; to say 'yes' to an intimate opportunity to become aware of your unique rhythm and flow, to step gracefully into your innate power, and to synchronize beautifully with your inner moon goddess. Learning to dance with our lunar power enables us to consciously choose how we want to  move through life with the unseen forces that lead us. In turn, just as with all dance practice, learning the simple steps of the moon goddess dance can increase our confidence, improve our emotional fitness, mental posture and physical coordination. Dancing with your inner moon goddess can empower, enrich and elevate your sense of personal freedom and creative expression in ways you can not yet imagine, because to dance is to celebrate life. When we know the dance, we are able to do so extempore with passion, pleasure and wild abandon - whether music is playing, or not. Our ancient mothers danced with the energies of the moon for countless eons before we ever stepped foot upon the earth. Her ancient wisdom is hiding in our body. We were born to dance!

By participating in my Dancing with the Moon Goddess online course, you will come to understand this ancient Kundalini yogic wisdom on practical and personal levels, and discover where the 11 moon centers are on your body and how each of their hidden powers affect you emotionally, mentally and physically. As you become more self aware by tuning into your own unique 2.5 day flow, within every 28 day cycle, and while charting your unique rhythmic flow, you will soon discover the steps and learn to dance with your lunar goddess! This wisdom, once discovered within yourself, becomes a firm foundation upon which you may rely throughout your life. The dance allows you to recognize, know and honor yourself on profound levels, thereby, empowering you to live more consciously, harmonically and in authentic alignment with your own innate feminine power.

Dancing with the Moon Goddess is a personal experience, but when shared with other women in our private online group, it becomes a powerful tool for deeper understanding, meaning and purpose. During this course you are encouraged to join in circle with other women to share your experiences, hold one another accountable, and be a source of wisdom as you each delve deeper within to illuminate and explore the subtle nuanced power of each moon center. 

Dancing with the Moon Goddess is an exploratory introduction of the 11 Moon Centers




 Outline of Introduction

 Conference scheduled For 20 February 2022 @ 3 pm CST

  • Introduction: Moon Centers ~ Intuition, Emotions & Power

  • Location and Basic Energy Description of the 11 Moon Centers on the female body

  • How to Dance with the Moon Centers 

  • 11 Moon Center Acknowledgment/Activation Meditation

  • Overview of the Dancing With the Moon Goddess 11 week Outline (Sun. 20 February 2022 – Sun, 8 May 2022)

  • Brief Explanation of the Weekly Newsletter and our Online Private Facebook Community

  • Questions & Answers / Closure

Afterward, begins the process of exploring and charting our personal moon goddess rhythms and experiences, then coming together to share our wisdom and individual journey with one another in our online Facebook community. 

While Dancing with the Moon Goddess we will ~ 

  1. Discover our 11 Moon Centers

  2. Chart our personal Moon Dance

  3. Work with our unique rhythms

  4. Listen to our Goddess Body

  5. Follow group guidelines

  6. Complete Moon Wisdom assignments

  7. Share personal experiences

  8. Explore with other women 

  9. Create a Moon Goddess Diary

  10. Learn to 'Dance with the Moon Goddess'

  11. Post images of our work; share thoughts, etc. 

  12. Become a radiantly empowered Moon Goddess

It is my sincere hope that you will find this topic as fascinating and empowering as I do.

I truly look forward to sharing this sacred journey with you.

Infinite blessings & bliss,

 Leesa Wilson

The Gypsy Priestess


Dancing with the Moon Goddess is open to women of all ages, including girls of 15 - 18 years. 


Please Note:

I am freely offering Dancing With the Moon Goddess without charge (love donations are welcome) because I believe it is a mystical art intended for all women to remember and be empowered by. The 11 moon centers have absolutely nothing to do with bleeding, how the stars were aligned at our birth, or any other condition. Every baby girl is born with her eleven moon centers intact. They are as much a part of us as our eyes, yoni, fingerprints, energy field, aura, and our esoteric soul essence.

The eleven moon centers are the same for all women yet we each dance with them rhythmically in our own unique way. Discovering how to chart and understand this rhythm is key to our sense of confidence and the power and insight required to manifest our lives as we imagine and desire them to be. This is our birth right; a gift from the Moon Goddess. Because there is little documentation on this topic, lets record our intimate experiences and our personal remembrances as a gift for future generations of girls and women. Truly, much has been lost to us throughout the ages. This sacred journey requires that we listen to the wisdom of our body as a way of reclaiming what has always belonged to us, to womankind = our innate power!


By accepting my offering and choosing to participate in this event you are granting me permission to use (either in part, or whole) your experiences/expression for future projects or programs. Promise: I will contact you individually if I choose to use any part of your unique dance with the moon goddess and I will honor your request to remain anonymous, if desired.

This online course is dedicated to discovering the nuances of being a Moon Goddess. Please be willing to commit at least 3 months of your time and energy toward this exploration. In order to ensure intimacy between the women dancing collectively with the Moon Goddess, you will become part of smaller, more intimate group of 5 - 7, depending on the number of women "Dancing with the Moon Goddess". 


Important Notification:

All non-active/non-participating members will be quietly and nonjudgmentally removed from the mailing list and our Facebook group after two weeks. This is meant to keep all members engaged and our sacred space full of radiant energy. (If something interferes with your ability to remain active but you desire to continue this journey unseen or after a brief absence, please contact me personally.

Thank you for being willing to share your inner Moon Goddess with me!

You are beautifully and powerfully radiant!

Please join me. Let's go dancing with the moon goddess!

Please make a love donation to support my priestess work.

Your love offerings and gifts make possible the time and energy I devote to sharing soulfully with you.

I truly, deeply and graciously appreciate you and your support of my soul work. Thank you!

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