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What do you see?

Scrying Mirror Ritual:

(read before beginning)


Quiet your mind.


Close your eyes and BREATHE

until you feel calm and centered.


Open your eyes and gaze

into the dark center

of the scrying mirror.


Imagine peering 

into the depths 

of the cosmic womb.


Release the desire to see.

Let go of expectations. 



Allow your spirit to sit

in the stillness.


Ask one simple question.


Be open to whatever

imagines, words, sounds,

colours, sensations or 

thoughts come to the

surface of your consciousness.


Be aware.


Your answer will show itself....

If not in this moment,

in the hours or weeks ahead.


Pay attention.

You are a mirror for divine wisdom.


Infinite blessings.

Infinite love.


Leesa | The Gypsy Priestess



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