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For eons women have deovted time to honor the goddess.....

The door is open | Welcome to the 13 Moons Sanctuary | The Gypsy Priestess invites you to discover the goddess within and without | The Goddess is Queen of Heaven & Earth | She is as ancient as time | Breathe in Her love ~ Release your fear | For eons women have devoted time to honor the Goddess | We create altars to celebrate her wisdom, beauty and grace | The Goddess dances with the wheel of time and we dance with Her on a sacred spiral path | We live in harmony with Gaia, Mother Earth and Her seasons | The Goddess is everywhere | She is in the flowers... in the heavens... in the waters | She is cherished in works of art | We are each a unique reflection of the Goddess | Be open to the Divine Feminine within and without | Remember: Keep calm & listen to your inner goddess | Always wear your invisible crown | You are a daughter of the earth and sea and sky | The goddess in me honors the goddess in you | namaste | Goddess bless.

prose & video:


by The Gypsy Priestess


Snow of My Dreams

by schizophrenia

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